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S590 - Advanced Fire Behavior Interpretation - Details

Session Dates
March 06, 2018 to March 15, 2018
Additional Details:

S590 uses a web based nomination process.  Please follow the link below and provide the information requested.  After the October 20, 2017 deadline, all nominations will be sent to Geographic Area Training Reps for prioritization.  Final selection will depend on passing the qualifying exam with 70% or better and Geographic Area priorities.  NWCG nomination forms will not be accepted for this course.

Follow this link to submit a nomination:

Tuition: None
Code & Name: S590 - Advanced Fire Behavior Interpretation
Category: Suppression Skills
IQCS Session Number: none
Nomination &
Noms Due: October 20, 2017
Form Link:
Session Complete
IQCS Nomination Process: No - Do not use the IQCS Nomination Workflow Process. Follow standard nomination procedures. Contact your Training Officer for more information.
Offer Level: National - Open to students from all Geographic Areas.
In Area Only: No - Session is offered to students from all areas.
JoAnne Ware
Phone: 520-799-8751
Fax: 520-799-8785
Pre-Work Due: Not specified
Pre-Work Details:

The S590 Qualifying exam will available to nominees in November 2017.  All prerequisites for the course should be completed before Nomination Deadline.  The Online portion of the course will begin in December 2017 and continue through February 2018.  This is a significant time commitment.  Students should plan to commit 40 - 60 hours of time over those 3 months.  The work completed over these 3 months is NOT pre-work.  The online work is part of the required course materials and includes quizzes with a series of deadlines  Students without sufficient passing scores for the online class portion will not be permitted to attend the NAFRI portion of the course and will not receive a completion certificate.  The Instructor led portion of the course will take place March 6 - 15, 2018 at NAFRI in Tucson, AZ.   


Rosters &


Pdf - na_S590_03-06-2018_6179_Selections.pdf - Click to Download
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Selections Roster
Updated: 12-15-2017
Pdf - na_S590_03-06-2018_6179_Nominations_Received.pdf - Click to Download
(no preview)
Nominations Received Roster
Updated: 10-23-2017


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Location &
Tucson, AZ 85756

Facility Information