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S520 - Advanced Incident Management - Details

Session Dates
December 03, 2018 to December 08, 2018
Additional Details:

The 2018 S-520 Advanced Incident Management course is presented at the National Advanced Fire & Resource Institute (NAFRI) in Tucson, Arizona.

S-520 course will be December 3-8, 2018 at NAFRI.

Command & General (C&G) Staff Nomination Due DateAPRIL 13, 2018
, contact your GATR for additional Nomination information.

Geographic Area Coordinating Groups and Training Representatives will combine the nominations and supporting documentation, review and prioritize nominees and make recommendations to NAFRI and the S-520 Steering Committee for Selections.

Notifications to C&G Selections and C&G Alternates will be made and posted: MAY 4, 2018

 S-520 - Course Prerequisites/Target Audience:Those seeking Type 1 Command & General Staff (C&G) Qualification: Individuals must be functionally qualified and certified at the Type 2 level.  

COMMAND & GENERAL STAFF NOMINATIONS -  Here is the Link to process your 2018 S-520 course C&G nomination*. Click this link that will direct you to the Google Doc interactive C&G Nomination application form to submit your information:

 * Please NOTE - No other Nomination form will be accepted. 


As of April 16, 2018, the December 2018 S-520 Agency Administrator (AA) Nomination process IS OPEN for the December 2018 session. The S-520 AA Nominations are Only accepted through the Google Doc website: 

Agency Administrator (AA) Nominations Due DateJUNE 15, 2018contact your GATR for additional Nomination information.

AA Selection/Alternate notifications will be made and posted in July 2018.

IQCS-Although the nomination application is not submitted through IQCS, those with IQCS EmplID profiles will receive credit once course participation is achieved.

Should you have any questions, please contact Bill Miller, Training Specialist, at (520) 799-8752 / or JoAnne Ware, Training Coordinator at (520) 799-8751 / for additional information.  

We appreciate your interest. Thank you.


Tuition: None
Code & Name: S520 - Advanced Incident Management
Category: Suppression Skills
IQCS Session Number: 13
Nomination &
Noms Due: April 13, 2018
Form Link:
Session Complete
IQCS Nomination Process: No - Do not use the IQCS Nomination Workflow Process. Follow standard nomination procedures. Contact your Training Officer for more information.
Offer Level: National - Open to students from all Geographic Areas.
In Area Only: No - Session is offered to students from all areas.
JoAnne Ware
Phone: 520-799-8751
Fax: 520-799-8785
Pre-Work Due: November 20, 2018
Pre-Work Details:

Please revisit this S-520 page in mid-May 2018 for additional Pre-work information.

Thank you.

Rosters &


Pdf - na_S520_12-03-2018_7627_Selections.pdf - Click to Download
(no preview)
Selections Roster
Updated: 05-11-2018


Pdf - Command and General Staff Selections and Alternates - Click to Download
(no preview)

Command and General Staff Selections and Alternates

Updated: 08-17-2018
Pdf - Agency Adminstrator Selections and Alternates - Click to Download
(no preview)

Agency Adminstrator Selections and Alternates

Updated: 08-17-2018
Location &
Tucson, AZ 85756

Facility Information