National Wildland Fire Training

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M580 - Fire in Ecosystem Management - Details

Session Dates
January 22, 2018 to January 26, 2018
Additional Details:

DO NOT submit a NWCG nomination for this course.  The nomination process is web based.  Please follow this link to submit a nomination:

When the Nomination deadline passes a complete list of nominees will be sent to the GATRs for prioritization if needed.  

Please contact the course coordinator with any questions regarding the nomination process.  

Tuition: None
Code & Name: M580 - Fire in Ecosystem Management
Category: Management
IQCS Session Number: none
Nomination &
Noms Due: October 20, 2017
Late Noms Accepted - For this Session only, Nom Forms will be accepted beyond the 'Noms Due' date. Please submit your Nom ASAP. Contact the Coordinator for more information.
IQCS Nomination Process: No - Do not use the IQCS Nomination Workflow Process. Follow standard nomination procedures. Contact your Training Officer for more information.
Offer Level: National - Open to students from all Geographic Areas.
In Area Only: No - Session is offered to students from all areas.
Gary Luce
Phone: 520-799-8753
Fax: 520-799-8785
Pre-Work Due: Not specified
Pre-Work Details:

8 - 12 hours of Online work is required and must be completed before the course begins.  User id and password information will be emailed to students no later than mid-November before class begins. 

Rosters &


Spreadsheet - na_M580_01-22-2018_7129_Nominations_Received.xlsx
Nominations Received Roster
Updated: 10-25-2017


No Downloads available at this time
Location &
Tucson, AZ 85756

Facility Information