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ROSS-AR - ROSS Analytical Reports - Details

Session Dates
October 16, 2018 to October 17, 2018
Additional Details:



ROSS Analytical Reports ‐ Query Studio


DESCRIPTION:                   The courses provide detailed instruction in ROSS Analytical Reports (current year) and ROSS Historical Analytical Reports using Cognos Query Studio. They differ from ROSS standard reports in that they allow a user to create and modify new or existing Cognos reports. This training is not intended for casual or novice users of ROSS or Cognos. The instructional methods of the course include lecture, classroom exercises, and discussion.  The two classes will be taught concurrently.  


PREREQUISITES:                      ROSS Analytical Reports:  An active ROSS logon and password, Experience using ROSS and In‐depth knowledge of ROSS Cognos standard reports

                                            ROSS Historical Analytical Reports:  Experienced user of ROSS Analytical Reports        

TARGET GROUP:                  Center Manager, Lead Dispatcher, ROSS Data Stewards, ECC Support Team Supervisor, and Intelligence Coordinator

DATE & TIME:                        Will be Oct 16 to 17, 2018. Class will start on Tuesday at 0830 and will conclude on Wednesday at 1700.

LOCATION:                             5th floor Computer Lab, Forest Service R9 Regional Office,  626 East Wisconsin Avenue, Milwaukee, WI 53202

INSTRUCTORS:                      Lead Instructor – Laurie Forni

COURSE COORDINATOR:  James Silverstone 414-944-3844

TUITION:                                 $0

CLASS SIZE:                             20

REGISTRATION:                    All students need to register by September 15, 2018. To register, email the nomination form (on page 2) to James Silverstone ( and Laurie Forni (


PRE‐COURSE WORK:             Practice with ROSS User Community Reports. 

SELECTIONS:                          Student selection letters will be sent by October 1, 2018. Priority is ROSS Data Stewards, Intelligence Coordinator, Center Manager, Lead Dispatcher, and ECC Support Team Supervisor. Remaining slots will be open to other Geographic Areas.


Query Studio AR Nomination Form



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Course Date(s)

Session 1 AR

Oct 16 to Oct 17, 2018



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Nominations Due

October 1, 2018

Course Registration/Tuition


Course Coordinator Name (First Last) James Silverstone

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Tuition: None
Code & Name: ROSS-AR - ROSS Analytical Reports
Category: Dispatch
IQCS Session Number: none
Nomination &
Noms Due: September 15, 2018
Form Link:
Session Complete
IQCS Nomination Process: Yes - Use the IQCS nomination process if it is available to you. Otherwise follow standard procedures. Contact your Training Officer for more information.
Offer Level: National - Open to students from all Geographic Areas.
In Area Only: No - Session is offered to students from all areas.
James Silverstone
Phone: 414-944-3811
Fax: 414-944-3839
Pre-Work Due: October 01, 2018
Pre-Work Details:

PRE‐COURSE WORK: Practice with ROSS User Community Reports. 

Rosters &


No Rosters at this time


No Downloads available at this time
Location &
Eastern Area
Milwaukee, WI 53202

Facility Information