National Wildland Fire Training

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S339 - Division/Group Supervisor - Details

Session Dates
January 22, 2019 to January 24, 2019
Additional Details:

This session has been determined to be an "Excepted" course during the furlough.  If you have not been instructed by your unit for travel, please contact your supervisor who should be in touch with your unit training officer.  There has been a list of students for all "Excepted" courses sent in for approval of travel to these courses!

Tuition: $300.00
Code & Name: S339 - Division/Group Supervisor
Category: Suppression Skills
IQCS Session Number: 186
Nomination &
Noms Due: November 02, 2018
Form Link:
Session Complete
IQCS Nomination Process: Yes - Use the IQCS nomination process if it is available to you. Otherwise follow standard procedures. Contact your Training Officer for more information.
Offer Level: Regional - Open to students from the Geographic Area
In Area Only: No - Session is offered to students from all areas.
NCTC Training Center
Phone: 530-226-2720
Fax: 530-222-5460
Pre-Work Due: Not specified
Pre-Work Details:

There is NO PRE-TEST.  Please download the reference materials and bring with you to the session

You also will be mailed a copy of the book: The Mission, The Men, and Me. 

These books are being mailed to your training officer on your unit.

Rosters &


Pdf - ca_S339_01-22-2019_8082_Selections.pdf - Click to Download
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Selections Roster
Updated: 12-18-2018


Pdf - Letter of Selection UPDATED 1/11/19 - Click to Download
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Letter of Selection UPDATED 1/11/19

Updated: 01-11-2019
Pdf - Confirmation FormDUE BACK : January 8, 2019 - Click to Download
(no preview)

Confirmation Form

DUE BACK : January 8, 2019

Updated: 12-14-2018
Pdf - Lodging Form - Click to Download
(no preview)

Lodging Form

Updated: 12-14-2018
Location &
Redding, CA 96002

Facility Information