National Wildland Fire Training

Northwest - Apprenticeship Program

The Wildland Fire Apprenticeship Program qualifies for Veterans Educational Benefits!

The National Wildland Firefighter Apprentice Program (WFAP) is an accredited, vocational program designed to enhance and develop future Fire and Aviation Managers. The intent of the Program is to take a career entry firefighter and provide education, training and paid work experience over a 12 to 48 month period, depending on experience. Upon successful completion of all the requirements of the Apprenticeship Program, the apprentice will reach journey-level status as a wildland firefighter.

Region 6 is the third largest participant in the WFAP and is fully committed to using the program to hire entry level fire positions in the Region.

For More Information Contact

Diana VanCurler - 541-504-7346



Aaron Olmos - 541-504-7348


Information on the National Program can be found at:

R6 Apprentice Hiring

The Northwest area hiring of apprentices is currently included in the National Apprenticeship Centralized Recruitment and Hiring process.

We will post updates to the hiring process as they change.

Below are some quick links to WFAP information nationally and for other geographic areas.

Page last updated: 02-01-2019