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Northern Rockies - News

This section contains updates and other current news related to the Northern Rockies Geographic Area. To place information in this section please contact Rosie LeMire at

All late nominations (after November 2nd) submitted to the Northern Rockies Training Center (NRTC) will need to be sent as an electronic nomination through email or fax for IQCS will no longer be an available option (Nomination Workflow will be turned off).

When applying for a course, please provide a valid, winter time, email address or mailing address in order to receive course information in a timely manner.

Nomination Due Date reflects when nominations are due into NRTC.  Zones can expect to have an earlier due date set by their zone coordinator or local training officer so prioritization can be set prior to November 1.

If there is no IQCS number listed on schedule then nominees need to send nomination forms to their training rep/zone coordinator).

Please check the LEVEL column on the ZONE schedule page (s) carefully.  Most 100-300 courses are open to Regional or Local students only. Please contact the Course Coordinator if you are outside of the Northern Rockies but wish to attend a course that has Regional or Local listed. 


Page last updated: 01-23-2018