National Wildland Fire Training

National Nomination Process

For NAFRI Nomination Process, go to:

To apply for an NWCG Course (except NAFRI courses, see link above)

  1. Fill out an NWCG Training Nomination Form: complete all the information requested.
    (Form information can be found on the Nomination Forms page.)
  2. Verify that agency course prerequisites have been met. Prerequisites for a course are listed on each course's Course Description page.
    (Course Descriptions can be found in the Course Catalog section of this website.)
  3. Obtain the necessary signatures.
  4. Send the completed nomination form through the appropriate channels (i.e. Unit Training Officer/Agency Person, etc) prior to the course nomination due date. See flow chart below.
  5. Nomination Forms may be sent via email, fax, surface mail, or via the IQCS nomination process.
    (The method by which the Nomination Forms are submitted is determined by the session's Sponsoring Unit.)
  6. Please see the Session Details of each course session for further information. Contact your Training Officer if you have questions about how to submit a Nomination Form.

  7. Be sure to check the Geographic Area "Policies" page for specific nomination instructions.

Nomination Workflow (Be sure to check the Geographic Area "Policies" page for specific nomination instructions).

Completed NWCG Nomination Forms for all "Within Area" Courses, as well as "Out of Area" 100-200 Level Courses must be routed as follows:

Nominee completes form Form approved through Nominee's established local channels Form submitted to Course Coordinator for acceptance

Nomination Form for  "Within Area" 300 and above, RX and other Miscellaneous Courses are submitted to your Training Officer/Zone Rep who will prioritze and forward to hosting unit.   More nomination information can be found on the Session Details page for each course session.


Nomination Form for "Out of Area" 300-600 Levels, RX, and other Miscellaneous Courses must be routed as follows:

Nominee completes form and gains local approval Form approved through Geographic Area Training Representative (GATR) Nominee's GATR submits Nomination Form to Host Area GATR Host Area GATR submits approved form to Course Coordinator

The above nomination procedures are required for all individuals desiring to attend a course. All Geographic Areas have agreed to a single point of contact, the Geographic Area Training Representative (GATRs), for the most efficient coordination of courses. This process allows for prioritization and tracking of nominations. If you do not know who your GATR is, please refer to the GATR list on this website.


Be certain that all course prerequisites have been met prior to submission of a Nomination Form or comments as to why they are not met are added in the Comment section.
The individual who signs off on the Nomination Form (Supervisor or FMO) certifies that the Nominee is qualified for the course or an exception is requested (Comment Section).

Page last updated: 09-27-2018