National Wildland Fire Training

Geographic Areas

Interagency Wildland Fire Training is divided into Local, Geographic, and National programs.

In the Geographic Area sections of this website, you can access information for a specific area's courses, workshops, meetings, selections, completions, logistics such as lodging, weather and road conditions, policy and current news, and other pertinent geographic area information.

For further information, contact a Geographic Area Training Representative (GATR) below.


Alaska (AK)

  • Amy Skraba (Acting)
  • Phone: (907) 356-5630 /(218) 258-8091
  • Email:

Northwest (NW)

California North (CA-N)

Rocky Mountain (RM)

  • Kim Bang
  • Phone: (970) 257-4802 / (970) 623-0217
  • Email:

California South (CA-S)

Southern (SA)

Eastern (EA)

Southwest (SW)

Great Basin (GB)

  • Kelly Woods
  • Phone: (208) 387-5639 / (208) 789-6093
  • Email:


Northern Rockies (NR) Chair


GATR Meeting and Conference Call Notes

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