National Wildland Fire Training

About Us

The Training Information Communications System (TICS) committee was formed in June, 1999. Membership is comprised of a Training Specialist/Geographic Area Training Officer from each Geographic Area, and a few computer specialists as technical advisers.

Our mission is to simplify the training communications system with an objective of improving service to the customer and reduce duplication in training administrative services.

To this end, this National Wildland Fire Training web site was developed to provide a central location for customers to find wildland fire training course information from all geographic areas.

Comments and suggestions, which will enhance customer service through this web site, are welcomed.

ALASKA - Steve Theisen (907) 356-5630
NORTHERN ROCKIES - Rosie LeMire (406) 329-4986
CALIFORNIA - Terri Silva (530) 226-2720
NORTHWEST - Renee Beams (541) 504-7342
EASTERN AREA - Matthew Dillon (610) 557-4143
ROCKY MOUNTAIN - Kim Bang (970) 244-3183
GREAT BASIN - Kelly Woods (208) 387-5639
SOUTHERN AREA - Debra Burgos (404) 347-5256
NAFRI - Bill Miller (520) 799-8752
SOUTHWEST - Jake Nuttall (505) 842-3281


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